Thursday, June 18, 2015

Love by Default

You Missed Me

You missed me.
While I was away
You missed me.
Now isn’t it so?
You missed me.
So how do I know?
When I returned ––
I really got burned.

You took your time.
You made me wait,
You told me you were
Doing great.
You talked too fast and
Cleaned your plate.
You told me you
Were running late.
Made sure I saw your
Pretty date.

Your glance was quick.
You dressed for show.
You said that I had
Better go.
Then found so much
You had to say, 
That I could barely
Break away.

You missed me.
When I was away.
You tracked me
Almost every day.
You tapped me
Wherever I stayed.
You mapped me
With your GPS,
And zapped me
With Flowers Express.
Then hastened along
To chasten and chide
All of those me-things
You couldn’t abide.

I heard that
You’d been laying low,
And word that
You’d been doing blow,
Or something
That just wasn’t good
For goodwill
Round the neighborhood.

You missed me.
You lost all your pep.
You dissed me
And got a bad rep.
When I got back
I felt for you
But did you rue
The trouble you'd been?
Cuz baby I thought I’d been had,
Had never been
Your number one
And hon,
I’m sorry you were sad,
Not having any fun,
Not rad,
But you’d kinda earned it,
Just a tad.
Yeah you deserved it,
Darlin’ lad.

And when I came by
To ease your pain
You kept on playin’
That same sad game.
You turned away,
You didn’t balk,
Said we could talk
Another day,
And sent me on
My merry way.

When I got back
You simpered like
My sullen cat;
The cat that shat
On the mat:
More aloof,
Prouder and colder,
You greeted me with silence
And a chilly shoulder.

God forgive my
Wicked joy
At everything I
Learned today.
It’s here for just
A moment.
Then I’ll make it go

You missed me.
While I was away
You missed me.
Now isn’t it so?
You missed me.
You know how I know?
I saw it  
In your amber eye:
One moment in a
Ray of light.
Behind your shades
As dark as night.

When we only met
In company,
Sat and talked
Polite as could be.
I saw the way you
Looked at me.

This ain’t no
Sweet romance
You just wanna get
Back in my pants.
And I’m just in it
For the ride,
Your superfine
Love thing
Deep inside.
This ain’t no
Great romance.
Babe, you and me
We don’t
Stand a chance.

I fell for you
Long ago.
You had me from
Before hello.
One look at you
Was all it took.
One touch and baby
I was cooked.

You played it cool,
You played it chill.
But darlin’ I had
Time to kill.
I knew in time
You’d fall for me,
I knew for sure
Because you see
Though you may be
A ladykiller,
You’re trapped inside
An old-time Thriller.
And I’ll have to
Think on
Setting you free
After all you
Done to me.

This ain’t no
Perfect love:
Angels watching
From above.
Sweet dreams forfeit,
And lasting peace,
We gained one moment
Of release.

This ain’t no
Courtly love:
Your kneeling knight
To my great lady,
Offering tokens
And a broken
Heart, breaking
Laws because
We’re smart,
Slaking our thirst,
Killing the hart,
Doing our worst
To best
The last
To be first.

This aint no
Full of torment,
Lost its

We left something cooking
On the back of the stove.
Flame got higher
Now it’s ready  
To explode.

You missed me.
While I was away
You missed me.
Now isn’t it so?
You missed me.
And here’s what I know.
You kissed me
Like never before,
You kissed me.
You left wanting more.
And maybe
I’m not very young
Or pretty
And you’re so well
But crazy
As it is to say
And funny
In its little way

Game on
Jokers wild
The real deal
Gets the seal
Of approval
Of the child.
No foolin’
Any fool
Can foresee
How love
Like that
May be
Fate accompli.

Or fēte accomplie
That’s never fini
Party clothes hung out to dry
Naked we atone
For all our Ex-es,
Take the hex
Off all the Sexes;
Invites sent to passers-by,
Pinwheel in a Golden Eye.
Kinder we will be
As long as you will
Hang with me
You're not still 
Hung up on me.
And May Be
It’s mad,
As mad can be.
But I‘m in it too,
I’m in it with you.

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