Thursday, March 21, 2013

Excerpts: Alpha Space


Excerpt from "Wanting to Build"

Use your tokens for admission
To the House of Truth and Lies
House of elegant concision
Where Poetry once dwelt, and
Love looks not with the eye

Here you’ll find words
To re-make speech,
To repair its sense and sound
Words like shards
Lying on the ground

Build a tower of language
From the cast-off words
Build something new
Even a House of Cards


The House of Truth and Lies
This House Full of Love
This House without a spy
Where Love looks not with the eye
Finite, created realm above
Usual suspects heart and mind
Here neither sight nor sound
Can make sense any more
Of a house without a window, a door.

A house that’s dematerializing
A disconnect
You know how to resurrect.

Be careful! don’t cut your hands on the words
When you gather them up from the floor.

Rebuilding, you see, is up to you
Of this ethereal House of Wings
Make a solid place,
An Alpha-space
For living words

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