Thursday, March 6, 2014

Sacred Fire, Blue Earth

25 years upon this Earth     

 (Bet you thought I’d rhyme ‘Earth’ with ‘birth’)
Not ‘girth’ of course, for one so lean,
Patient to the max, kind in the plus,
Your big-hearted modesty
Could teach the rest of us.
Don’t need to be told
To be patient, or kinder:
Your boundless skinny love
A constant reminder:
How to Live,
How much to Give,
When Forget, Why Forgive.

Now ‘mirth’ rhymes with Earth
And how apropos
For one whose laughter cascades and flows,
Whose visage sports the smiles shared
With friend and soul-mate,
Kith and kin,
Delighted to be invited
To warm themselves at your mutable hearth:
Digital, electronic, a virtual berth
On the glory train,
On a riverboat
Bearing grain and gain,
Drifting on course
In gentle rain;
Where, catching your breath,
Coming up for air,
You can breathe freely––
A freedom so rare––
Liberty borne on wings beating air,
Seeking the heights, dipping at night,
Finding the level that’s right.

For who hasn’t wondered with famished hope
Now dangling, now in freefall,
At the end of the proverbial rope,
Who hasn’t wondered
When their day will come?
Looked to the world for sustenance,
Seeking aught, finding none?

Some too have wondered,
Star-crossed, wave-tossed,
Sea-worthy, drenched,

If the sacred fire
That sparked youth’s dreams
Had been untimely quenched.

Unapparent maybe,
Maybe hidden,
Like a red-gold fish
Darting through shoals,                   
Flashing its signal
From the blackest of holes.
Or on the beach, in the BBQ pit,
Banked by cindered coals:

The red-gold ember’s silence glows,
It lives and grows,
Waiting for the time to be right
To ignite

 Purpose with passion,
Passion with aim,
Style with fashion,
Fashion with game,
And game with gain.

And ‘worth’ is a word I’d readily rhyme
With Earth whose game must value time;
Worth for will and value added,
Worth for purpose brightly cladded,
Worth for imagination’s inclination,
For artful creation’s predestination,
For plans laid with quiet determination.

Today seek freedom in narrow by-ways;
Tomorrow find it on major highways.
Tomorrow uncover
The wonder of the mage.
Tomorrow discover
The Way of the sage.

There where
All the world’s a stage
With the best, you can
Strike a pose,
Take command,
Seek repose,
Birth a brand,
Sleight of hand,
Collect and correct
Accounts payable,
What’s doable, what’s sayable,
Scalable, tradeable,
Take command,
Find repose,
The name of the Pose.

25 years upon this Earth    

Blue-eyed child of heady mirth,
Man of substance if not of girth,
Tall in truth, and forsooth
Giving the world tall orders:
Exceeding your brief,
Grave without grief,
Garnering a sheaf
Gold as the take-off
Flare of a rocket,
Lighter to bear
Than a leaf
In your pocket.

Not turning your cheek
For the sake of the show,
When you know what it’s worth,
You’re ready to go:
Giving tall orders,
Countermanding strife,
Crossing borders:
Channeling Life,
Without apology or disguise:
A universe to synthesize.

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