Monday, April 21, 2014

Night Train (Double-Time)


Night Train

        The silver the golden the gold we lay

Dark-weaving fine fair-seeming. 
         The lily the rose the rose we lay
              For wind and fine hair streaming.


      The baily berith the bell away:

Solemn, solemn, in stone repose.

At one with book and chair they say

The baily berith the bell away.

  The night rain drummed on roofs and

Braids brushed bare backs and shoulders.

Hands fluttered light as wind-borne 

Or dropped like ash that smolders.

Solemn, solemn in stone repose

At one with book and chair,

One hand slid down the beaded clothes,

One spread like undone hair.

The night train roared past silent towns,

  Past hamlets wrapped in darkness.

      In dim-lit castles silken gowns

            Formed pools 




The silver the golden the gold we lay

Dim-working fine fair-seeming.

What baily berith the bell away?

   What wind and fine hair streaming?

The night train screamed its headlong 

It sliced through freezing air.

The night train screamed in pure delight

As brides in berths 

     brushed          out           their          hair

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