Monday, July 22, 2013




  должен знать все


Oracular the Tell
That tells true:
The give-away,
The bodily clue.

Oracular the Sell
That sells short:
The take-away,
The news report.

Oracular the Spell,
Parturition’s truth:
Newborn sylla-babble,
Chorus of birdcalls
Redeemed forsooth.

Glory to the story
Stored in the mind.
Glorify its invention
And retention.

Glory to the tale
That rings true.
Glory to the Braille
That reads hue.

Glory to the meme:
Cat’s cradle dream
Tied up with string;
Birthday gif
That goes on giffing
"What if?" riffs on
Consummate living.

Praise consummations
Devoutly wished,
Hope’s full face
By sunlight kissed.

Praise education,
Its speechless throes;
Game disclosed
By calculation’s
Riddle posed.

Praise the singular
Exultant mind.
Singular inchoate prophecy
Predicated on philosophy.
And blessed be the ties
That bind.

Single out the hero
From the rest.
Tell his timely
Rhyme-brained quest.

Source the dragon
Worlds below.
Tell his terror

Source the maiden
In your dreams:
Timeless beauty’s
Theme supreme.

Tell her journey,
How she slew
The dragon
And the monster too.

(With wits attuned
She read their fear,
Made her play,
& without delay, 
Swept them away
For a year and a day.)

Tell these stories three,
Tell all,
Come the winter,
Come the fall;
Come warmer days,
Brighter nights

Tell now,
Tell now,
To heart’s delight:
Conundrum, riddle, paradox,
Singing caves and deep-time clocks,

Rhythm’s slaves,
Time’s morticians,
Terrorist knaves
In Democracy’s kitchens.

Healing of wounds
By metaphysicians;
Healing of Body Politic,
Of Tradition's divisions,
Healing of nations:
Their ghostly partitions.

But tell it all,
Tell it true.
The folly
And the pity too.

Read the best,
The oldest livros,
Read the epics
And librettos.

As the Russian said
In words that sting:
You must, you must
Know everything.

We count on you
To pass things on,
Through tales unforgettable
With your panache inimitable.

You must know everything.
Your Metamind must span it:
Containing, encoding nothing less
Than human experience
On this planet.

Spectacular your inscriptions:
Pictorial depictions,
Beatific hieroglyphics,
Stolid printing,
Discursive cursive,
Puzzles of epigraphy,
Graceful sly calligraphy.

Your centuries of writing,
Eons’ silences requiting;
Your letters and words
Comprising worlds.

Spectacular your vernacular,
Your incarnation in the vulgate:
Restoration of a template
For a storytelling lingua franca
Figured forth in
Magna Manga.

Spectacular your libraries
The volumes that survived,
And the stories that were lost
To the drifted sands of time.

And fighting dissolution
Your armies of scribes:
Spectacular saviors of the script
We contentedly imbibe.

Spectacular your print
Stamped on the page
For comic book stories
And maxims sage.

Spectacular your bits,
Your bytes electronic:
Your net, your web, your
Wiki-garden hydroponic.

Spectacular, oracular
Vernacular in its glory:
You have the sources
The countless resources –
Tell us a story.

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