Sunday, August 16, 2015

Astral Imaginings

Imagining 3-D Grace

Imagine other worlds where "human" emotions are bright, transparent, and optimal for every relationship; the touch of another's soul is always light; another's friendship is always lighthearted, and levity and wisdom are common possessions. 

There is no falling in love because we already love one another before we meet.

Scene at the Signing of the Constitution

An equality of souls pervades in so inclusive a way that none go wanting, yet we may choose to belong to aristocracies of feeling and experience if our need is to entertain and be entertained.

The law is sacred but may be transgressed with playfulness and humor.

Mariana Trench

The world is wide open and sufficiently uncharted to provide for modes of exploration un-guessed-at on Earth.

Thomas Alva Edison

Interplanetary societies have need of ingenuity, resourcefulness, and invention.

School of Athens

Learning rewards our efforts and continuously transforms our understanding.

The godhead is immanent, inhering in every blade of grass, every drop of water.


The godhead is transcendent, calling to us from Beyond.

Family Portrait

All familial relationships have passed through the Valley of the Shadow and have undergone the healing that comes with Time.

Leonardo da Vinci Vatruvian Man

We are individuals, separate and distinct.

Whether we have aims and goals or simply aim to grow, our mode is growth, exploration, and change. 

Development, an unfolding of our capacities, sets the pattern for our activities in youth and age.

 All our lives we continue to plan and develop, to harness our dreams, to create. 


We live deep in time, but we are aware of Timelines, Life cycles, Anniversaries, Almanacs and Calendars.

Life is purposeful; but Time is no more.

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